Fats & Oils at Red Plate

Red Plate has passionate customers, and we LOVE that about you!  Among the questions we hear at tastings and through the website, the one about our choice of fats and oils comes up frequently, so a blog post seemed in order. Rest assured, much thought has been put into creating the Red Plate recipes.  We

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Food Allergy Shoppers, Speak Up!

Red Plate’s Top 8 Allergen Free products were turned down this morning by a smaller chain of specialty grocery stores.  Despite all our marketing materials leading with “Nut Free | Vegan | Gluten Free”, the bakery buyer’s reason was “We have enough gluten free product right now.”  I countered with “Red Plate products are also nut free,

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Thankful 2014

I try to fall asleep each night thinking of the things for which I’m grateful. On this particular day, it seems right to call out on this blog the ones related to Red Plate. In the past, “family” has included my immediate family and extended relatives. This year, my definition has expanded to include a larger

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