Our Story

RedPlateSamplingThere once was a girl who loved to eat
All things gooey, chocolate and sweet!
One day she grew itchy, throat tightened.
Needless to say, the girl was frightened!
The doctor prescribed an EpiPen
Eating with fear was the norm then.
Never one to mope and ache,
The girl went to her kitchen
And whipped up a cake.
She served it on a pretty Red Plate,
Dug in, licked her lips…it tasted great!
“Others should savor this,too”said she.
And that is how Red Plate came to be.


True story! Becca developed a life-threatening allergic reaction to dairy plus severe gluten intolerance after the birth of her fourth child. When a toddler nephew was diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies, Becca and Chell (her husband) realized there were few pre-made foods that the entire family could eat safely together.  Their research quickly showed that many other families were living with the same situation. Red Plate Foods was founded as a solution, providing great tasting, “free from”, clean label foods for family and friends to share safely and deliciously.