Camp Blue Spruce Holiday Party

Camp Blue Spruce Holiday Party Banner

Usually I wait until I have pictures and stories to tell, but tonight I’m putting the cart before the horse because I’m SO excited.

Tomorrow is Camp Blue Spruce’s holiday party, where all the food will be free of the major food allergens. It’s the first social event I will have attended since developing anaphylactic reactions to dairy where I can have anything on the table. Literally anything! I’m torn between dancing and crying for joy, probably I’ll do a little of both tomorrow.

What a blessing to have a friend like Louise Tippens, the director of Camp Blue Spruce.  It is an immense undertaking to coordinate this special week long summer camp where kids can exist worry free for an entire week, and she is the super-woman making it happen.  Thanks for all you do, Louise!  And don’t be surprised if I show up with my rucksack and sleeping bag this summer.  😉