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  • Egg Replacer Powder Recipe | Allergy Friendly + Vegan

    Easy vegan, top 8 allergen free egg replacer recipe.
  • Fats & Oils at Red Plate

    Red Plate has passionate customers, and we LOVE that about you!  Among the questions we hear at tastings and through the website, the one about our choice of fats and oils comes up frequently, so a blog post seemed in order.

    Rest assured, much thought has been put into creating the Red Plate recipes.  We are committed to using high quality ingredients that we can source safely (no allergen cross contamination) and sustainably from reliable suppliers, and keep the price of the products within reach.

  • Food Allergy Shoppers, Speak Up!

    Red Plate’s Top 8 Allergen Free products were turned down this morning by a smaller chain of specialty grocery stores.  Despite all our marketing materials leading with “Nut Free | Vegan | Gluten Free”, the bakery buyer’s reason was “We have enough gluten free product right now.”  I countered with “Red Plate products are also nut free, soy free and vegan”.  The buyer answered, “We don’t get many requests for that in our bakeries.”
  • Camp Blue Spruce Holiday Party

    Usually I wait until I have pictures and stories to tell, but tonight I’m putting the cart before the horse because I’m SO excited.

    Tomorrow is Camp Blue Spruce’s holiday party, where all the food will be free of the major food allergens. It’s the first social event I will have attended since developing anaphylactic reactions to dairy where I can have anything on the table. Literally anything! I’m torn between dancing and crying for joy, probably I’ll do a little of both tomorrow.

  • Thankful 2014

    I try to fall asleep each night thinking of the things for which I’m grateful. On this particular day, it seems right to call out on this blog the ones related to Red Plate.

    In the past, “family” has included my immediate family and extended relatives. This year, my definition has expanded to include a
    larger “family” – our Red Plate family.

  • FARE Walk Fun

    Seriously, how could anyone resist a sweet chocolate face like this?! It was simply AWESOME to be at the Oregon FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Walk yesterday and have Red Plate be the cause of so many happy smiles! We had little ones giggling, teenagers following us like groupies (handing out cookies and muffins will do that) and parents pleased to read the label and finally say “Yes, you can have that!”
  • First Day In Stores!

    It’s an exciting day for us at Red Plate Foods, the first day our products are available for you on store shelves in Bend, Oregon!  Woo hoo!  Find your nut free, gluten free, soy free, dairy & egg free, vegan cookies and muffins at Newport Avenue Market, Nature’s and Jackson’s Corner.  (Thanks to these local businesses for giving us little guys a shot!)
  • Tara's 1 Year Anniversary

    We’re celebrating Tara’s one year work anniversary with Red Plate!  Count us among the luckiest start-up companies ever to have a fantastic staff. Look – she’s even holding her new red plate, which will hopefully get lots of use in the future.

    Tara works hard every day to bake the yummiest cookies and muffins for our customers. She takes great pride in her job and it shows!  Thanks a million, Tara!!!