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Just the FAQs Please!

What products does Red Plate make?

Granolas, muffins, cupcakes & cookies that are vegan and free from the top 8 major allergens (gluten/wheat, peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, soy, fish & shellfish).

Is your bakery a dedicated facility?

Yes! To ensure the safety of our customers, all of our ingredients are free of the allergens listed above. Ingredients are only sourced from suppliers providing statements guaranteeing no presence of allergens. Anyone entering the bakery must wear clean clothes and shoes, and no outside food or drink is allowed into the facility. Employees may only bring a water bottle into the kitchen, and even those bottles are washed off before they are set down.

Who are Red Plate customers?

Nearly everyone is a potential customer, because these days, most everyone knows someone who requires a special diet. We have customers with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, food sensitivities, autism, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and those ♥excellent♥ hosts who care enough to offer food that is inclusive of all their guests.

Where can I find Red Plate products?

Red Plate can be purchased online or found in over 50 locations around Oregon and SW Washington, including Fred Meyer & Market of Choice bakeries, Natural Grocer stores, independent grocers and select restaurants and coffee houses.

Why did you start Red Plate?

Becca & Chell Williams created the company in 2013 because Becca was diagnosed in 2008 with gluten intolerance and a severe dairy allergy resulting in anaphylactic reactions. She had to bake for herself to enjoy high-quality baked goods. When their nephew developed severe nut allergies several years later, they saw an opportunity to provide excellent products that families & friends with multiple food issues could indulge in together.

Where is Red Plate located?

The beautiful city of Bend, Oregon where the Red Plate team has a blast working hard in the bakery and playing hard outdoors!

Is there a way to visit the Red Plate bakery?

Currently, the bakery is a commercial facility only and not open to the public. Our long-term dream is to open a retail location, but we’re getting the wholesale business on solid footing first. We love to connect with customers, though, so please send us messages, call or meet us in person at our tasting events! (Check the Red Plate Foods Facebook page for event listings.)

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