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What products does Red Plate make?

Granolas, muffins, cupcakes & cookies that are vegan and free from the top  major allergens (gluten/wheat, peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, mustard, celery, lupin, fish & shellfish).

Is your bakery a dedicated facility?

Yes! To ensure the safety of our customers, all of our ingredients are free of the allergens listed above. Ingredients are only sourced from suppliers providing statements guaranteeing no presence of allergens. Anyone entering the bakery must wear clean clothes and shoes, and no outside food or drink is allowed into the facility. 

Are Red Plate Foods products free from the top allergens?

We operate a dedicated facility that is Certified Free From the Top 9 allergens + certified gluten free + vegan + OU Kosher + Non GMO Project Verified. All Red Plate Foods products are free from gluten and common food allergens, including Canada's twelve priority allergens. All Red Plate Foods products are free from wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, sesame, casein, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish & crustaceans.

Are Red Plate Foods products wheat free and/or gluten free?

Yes! All Red Plate Foods products are made free from wheat or any other source of gluten, such as barley or rye, and are certified by GF Finder and are required to test to under 5 parts-per-million. All of our third party test results have come back with no-trace of gluten.

 Are Red Plate Foods products vegan?

Yes! We take great care in sourcing vegan/animal friendly ingredients, right down to the cane sugar that is processed in facilities that do not use bone char.

Are Red Plate Foods products corn free?

While we do not allow corn products in our bakery, we do not declare our products to be corn free as we do not test for the presence of corn proteins. That said, we do mix our own baking powder using tapioca starch and purchase vegan powdered sugar made with tapioca starch. Both of those ingredients are typically made with cornstarch, and we would rather leave corn ingredients out of our recipes and facility.

Do Red Plate Foods products contain GMOs?

All Red Plate Foods products are Non GMO Project Verified.

Are Red Plate Foods products Kosher?

Yes! All Red Plate products are certified OU Kosher.

What flour ingredients do you use?

For our flours, we use a white rice flour plus ancient grains that are flavorful and full of nutrients like sorghum and millet. Those are mixed with tapioca and potato starches. Some products contain garbanzo bean flour. 

What sweeteners do you use?

For sweeteners, we use applesauce, molasses, vegan cane sugar, agave syrup, rice syrup and monk fruit. We often get the question (suggestion) to use coconut sugar. We do not use coconut sugars as coconut is considered a top 9 allergen.

What fats & oils do you use?

We use non-hydrogenated, trans fat-free, cold pressed Non GMO canola oil. We also use RSPO certified sustainably sourced organic palm oil, plus take the extra step and expense of purchasing from Agropalma in Brazil, which maintains more acres of rainforest preserve than palm plantation.

Who are Red Plate customers?

Nearly everyone is a potential customer, because these days, most everyone knows someone who requires a special diet. We have customers with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, food sensitivities, mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), autism, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and those ♥excellent♥ hosts who care enough to offer food that is inclusive of all their guests.

Where can I find Red Plate products?

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Red Plate products are available in grocery stores along the West Coast and spreading across the United States. The fresh bakery sections carry cookies, cupcakes and muffins on tables or in freezers. The granola is mostly found on the cereal aisle, but sometimes stocked in the bakery.

How can I request Red Plate products at my local store?

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The best way to ask is to submit requests through the retailer's website or to tag us and the retailer on social media. You can download our product request form to hand to a local retailer. It often takes multiple requests before you will see the products on your store shelves, so be persistent!

Why did you start Red Plate?

Becca & Chell Williams created the company in 2013 because Becca was diagnosed in 2008 with gluten intolerance and a severe dairy allergy resulting in anaphylactic reactions. She had to bake for herself to enjoy high-quality baked goods. When their nephew developed severe nut allergies several years later, they saw an opportunity to provide excellent products that families & friends with multiple food issues could indulge in together.

Where is Red Plate located?

The beautiful city of Bend, Oregon where the Red Plate team has a blast working hard in the bakery and playing hard outdoors! Though we love seeing customers in person, our bakery is a commercial facility that is not set up for public tours.

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