FARE Walk Fun

Chocolate Face FARE Walk KidSeriously, how could anyone resist a sweet chocolate face like this?! It was simply AWESOME to be at the Oregon FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Walk yesterday and have Red Plate be the cause of so many happy smiles! We had little ones giggling, teenagers following us like groupies (handing out cookies and muffins will do that) and parents pleased to read the label and finally say “Yes, you can have that!”

Kyle Dine was the real celebrity at the FARE event, though. He’s a true Food Allergy Rock Star, performing songs and puppet skits for kids to learn more about managing food allergies.  A fave with the crowd was “Food Allergies ROCK!” from his CD.  A lot of hand waving and dancing was done by the crowd of a couple hundred kids and family members.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar, FARE is the most comprehensive source for food allergy information. Take some time to check out their extensive website.  FARE funds education and awareness efforts, funds research and puts on fundraising events around the U.S. that connect the food allergy (FA) community. Red Plate supports FARE through donations and we hope to increase those amounts as our business grows. Thanks for all you do, FARE!