Steps to push into Distribution

Getting into a distribution center can be an intimidating
                                         process, so we want to layout it out for you!
Below are steps you can take to get into a distribution center near you!
  1. Primary Contact at the campus connects Red Plate Foods sales representative  with their Broadline Distribution Rep to provide:
  • List of requested items
  • Estimated weekly usage per item – 3-5 cases/week per product to request a new item
  • If you weekly usage is not projected at 3-5 cases, we can assemble a group of accounts to meet the minimum. You can assist by introducing us to other organizations that pull from the same distribution.


2. Campus employee submits a NIR (New Item Request) Form to Sysco (or preferred distribution center) for each product

3. Red Plate Foods rep provides Letter of Guarantee to Sysco (or preferred distribution center)– This is our promise to Sysco that we will buy-back any remaining inventory that doesn’t move before a specified date. This releases the burden of inventory from the anchor account.

4. Broadline Distribution representative will have their team contact Red Plate Foods to provide MOQ (minimum order quantity) and any other requested information to get set up in their warehouse.

5. Red Plate Foods representitive will ensure a PO is received from Sysco (or preferred distribution center) in a timely manner, and tells the campus when products are stocked/available to order through Sysco.

6. Red Plate Sales Representitive will check in with you, the account periodically to ensure product remains available for order