Thankful 2014

Thankful for 2014 Pumpkin, Muffins, and Hot Cocoa

I try to fall asleep each night thinking of the things for which I’m grateful. On this particular day, it seems right to call out on this blog the ones related to Red Plate.

In the past, “family” has included my immediate family and extended relatives. This year, my definition has expanded to include a
larger “family” – our Red Plate family.

Our customers ~ trusting us with your health and your dollars to produce safe, delicious foods. Without you, Red Plate wouldn’t continue to exist. For you, we are thankful!

Our employees ~ coming to work each and every day supporting each other, embracing the company mission and generally caring about making the world a better place.  For you, we are thankful!

Our retail partners ~ taking a risk on a small company with a new product in a special diet category. You are recognizing a need and helping to promote availability of allergy friendly, vegan, and gluten free products. For you, we are thankful!

Our advisors ~ the most valuable gift you can give is your time, and you have so graciously shared business insights that are helping Red Plate grow and succeed. For you, we are thankful!

Oregon’s food community ~ Those like-minded businesses who are valued suppliers, peers and cheerleaders who help each other bring great products to market.  For you, we are thankful!

Bend and Portland friends and family ~In so many ways, we’ve leaned on our various communities this year as we went through my father-in-law’s illness and passing. You made it possible to keep operating a start-up company and focus on our immediate family at the same time.

Friends and coaches who drove our kids back and forth to soccer practices, teachers who understood when homework was late, those who stayed with our kids and hugged them when we couldn’t be home, long time friends who now invite Mom to lunch and those who reached out to us with a note, a coffee date or phone call. For all of you, we are forever thankful!

With much love and gratitude, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!