Easy Vegan Desserts

Cooking Equipment for Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes

Vegan Desserts

Great vegan desserts are hard to find in a baking world that was created on the foundation of butter and dairy. Let alone, easy vegan desserts that can feed your entire guest party. No matter how popular veganism is becoming these days, some people can’t shake the perception that all dairy-free desserts must taste like flavorless cardboard. Clearly, these people have never tried Red Plate Foods dessert. Whether you are vegan or someone you know is vegan, our products have been known to create delicious, easy vegan desserts that will leave you wanting more.

Vegan Cupcakes

Cupcakes - Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes

Cupcakes have taken the world by storm within the last few years. If you were lucky enough, you went to a wedding that had a cupcake tier that catered to the masses. With a cake, flavor options are limited, unless you purchased more than one tier. Caterers or your guests had to cut the cake and serve, and utensils were also needed. The whole process is cumbersome and has limited options. With a vegan cupcake tier, you could have multiple flavors, guests could grab their cupcake, and the wrappers would be the only waste. It is easy and convenient, and more importantly, just as tasty.

Red Plate Foods cupcakes come in two sizes: regular and mini. Our cupcakes can have sprinkles added, luster dust brushed on, or add food coloring with an airbrush for a colorful effect. You can also add impacts like banners or colorful backgrounds to the display. We have found platters that can be tiered or separated: the separation of the trays adds to a full looking table whereas a layered effect makes it look taller.

Vegan Ice cream Cookie Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches - Easy Vegan Dessert RecipesVegan ice cream cookie sandwiches are the best for a summer day. Kids and adults are running towards happiness the moment vegan ice cream sandwiches are pulled out of the freezer. Below is a recipe for double chocolate chip vegan ice cream sandwiches. *Note: All cookies are from Red Plate Foods and the ice cream recommended will all be vegan. Vegan ice cream is readily available at many supermarkets. Each year more and more vegan ice creams are being produced, and they seem to be getting more delicious.

To make: Grab two frozen Red Plate Foods cookies. Remove ice cream from the freezer to soften for 5-10 minutes. Once it is at a scoopable consistency place a scoop of ice cream between two frozen cookies. Having the cookies frozen will help to condense the ice cream. If the cookies are too soft, they will form to the shape of the ice cream. Serve immediately, or wrap in plastic wrap and return to the freezer.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes - Easy Vegan Desserts

Flavor Profiles we Recommend

  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookie/ Cookies n Cream Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie/ Vegan Coconut Caramel Ice Cream
  • Ginger Cookie/ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • Lemon Sugar Cookie/ Marionberry Sorbet
  • Oatmeal Cookie/ Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  • Mint Chocolate Cookie/Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie/ Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream

Vegan Trifle

Vegan Trifles can be the ideal dessert for large parties; they have different textures, flavors, and a unique presentation. Our vegan muffins are suitable for this dessert because they have a great texture to soak up any additional flavors. Below you will find the recipe for a Lemon Berry Shortcake Trifle.

Lemon Berry Shortcake Recipe - Easy Vegan Desserts

Why stop at just the one Trifle? Try coming up with your own flavor Trifle. Our Cranberry Orange Muffins would be great with vegan orange curd, dried cranberries, whipped vegan almond milk, and crushed almonds. Our banana muffins would work well with fresh bananas, whipped coconut cream, and vegan banana custard. There are endless possibilities!

Ease of Baking

When I was younger, my mom used to make these fantastic pies. I remember as a child waiting for the banana cream and chocolate cream pie, while my sisters used to wait for the pumpkin pie to cool. It never failed that the five pies she made were consumed in a matter of hours with one or two pies for leftovers. We did have a family of six people, so eating 5 pies in a few hours was not that uncommon. When I finally got to an age to understand baking more, I realized that my mom purchased frozen, premade pie shells. I asked her why and she responded that I loved them, so why change it. She was correct, I loved those pies, and until I perfected my own pie crust recipe, I used those frozen shells. I still use them when I want to enjoy that pie faster.

Baking does not have to be an 8-hour process of layering your dough and flour to make those fantastic croissants that your guest will devour in minutes. During that process, if your fat is too cold, you will have cracked layers, and the steam from that moisture will rise unevenly. If your fat is too soft, the fat will blend in with your dough, and the layers will be lost. What if your dough does not have enough yeast or you forgot the salt? Within the last hour of the process, you have to hope that everything in the preparation went perfectly. Your final product can turn into a disaster minutes before you must serve them at your dinner party.

Red Plate Foods Can Make Vegan Baking Easy

Red Plate Foods can make vegan baking as smooth as that vegan ice cream cookie sandwich. Our products are made with vegan sweeteners and no animal products. Our sugars come from a supplier who provides information stating the ingredient’s vegan status. Our recipes are tested and tested again. Our goal is to have everyone experience the same amount of happiness in the quality of our product whether you have a food allergy, choose not to eat dairy or gluten, or have no restrictions.

Our Mission

Red Plate Foods is on a mission to bring delicious gluten free, dairy free, nut free, peanut free, soy free, egg free and vegan foods into grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores across the U.S. and most importantly into your home. Everything we bake is made in a dedicated facility, free of the top major food allergens and delivered fresh to the store or your doorstep. Savor a Red Plate Foods moment and enjoy food again!

Our goal is to allow you to celebrate your choice to go vegan with our products and share our love for what we do. There is no reason to feel deprived because you/or another has chosen to be vegan. We hope you enjoy these easy vegan desserts and create some delicious recipes of your own with our products. If you have experimented with our products and had a recipe, please share it with us or with others. Don’t leave our taste buds hanging!