• FARE Walk Fun

    Seriously, how could anyone resist a sweet chocolate face like this?! It was simply AWESOME to be at the Oregon FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Walk yesterday and have Red Plate be the cause of so many happy smiles! We had little ones giggling, teenagers following us like groupies (handing out cookies and muffins will do that) and parents pleased to read the label and finally say “Yes, you can have that!”
  • Tara's 1 Year Anniversary

    We’re celebrating Tara’s one year work anniversary with Red Plate!  Count us among the luckiest start-up companies ever to have a fantastic staff. Look – she’s even holding her new red plate, which will hopefully get lots of use in the future.

    Tara works hard every day to bake the yummiest cookies and muffins for our customers. She takes great pride in her job and it shows!  Thanks a million, Tara!!!