Carrot Thai Soup Recipe | Nut Free + Vegan + GF

Nut Free Carrot Thai Soup

Nut Free Thai Carrot Soup

Allergy Friendly + Vegan + Gluten Free Soup

Most Thai restaurants are off-limits for those with nut allergies, but this make-at-home soup is so delicious, there is NOMO FOMO on this yummy Thai-style cuisine! This quick, healthy soup is delicious and works for most special diets. It's top allergen free, vegan, gluten free, grain free and low sugar. 

Our Thai Carrot Soup is an allergy friendly twist on a fabulous soup created by Minimalist Baker. I have long admired and used her site, and this recipe was so fabulous, it had to be shared with the food allergy community – with a little tweaking to make it safely nut free!

Thai Soup vegan nut free gluten free vegetables

As an added bonus, this soup is made with ingredients that you probably already have in your frig and cupboards. No last-minute grocery store dash, it’s healthy comfort food at its finest.

Thai Carrot Soup Nut Free Vegan chopped veggies

Carrot Thai Soup nut free Thai recipe immersion blender

Thai Carrot Soup Recipe

Yield: 6-7 servings


Instant Pot or large soup pot

Immersion blender or counter top blender


2 pounds carrots

1 medium onion, chopped into large pieces

6 whole cloves garlic, peeled

4 cups vegetable stock

2/3 cup hemp butter or sunflower butter

1 T maple syrup or brown sugar

1 tsp granulated garlic

1 tsp salt

1 tsp sriracha sauce (+/- to taste)

Optional garnish

Coconut cream

Fresh basil sprigs

Sriracha sauce



  • Place carrots, onion, garlic and vegetable stock in Instant Pot.
  • Lock lid in place and set pressure valve to “sealing”.
  • On an Instant Pot, select Manual/Pressure Cook. Use the + - buttons to set time to 20 minutes. 
  • When time is done, use the natural release method. This means allow the pressure to release until the floating valve is completely dropped and the lid is safe to unlock. You can also manually release pressure by releasing the valve, but be prepared for the rush of steam that jets out.
  • Use immersion blender to blend vegetables and broth into very smooth puree.
  • Add hemp butter, maple syrup, salt, granulated garlic and sriracha sauce to puree. Thoroughly blend into puree.
  • Ladle into bowls. Top with optional garnish of heaping tablespoon coconut cream, basil leaves and sriracha to taste.


Leftovers will keep up to four days in the refrigerator or six months in the freezer.